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A+ Photo Effects Camera

A+ Photo Effects Camera

  • Publisher:G.P. Imports, Inc.
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  • Homepager:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a+-photo-effects-camera/id332575334
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  • Version:1.1
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2015 latest A+ Photo Effects Camera  Seems that you like creating effects in your pictures, we also love them! However, we were having some issues with other apps for images available in the app store. When we uploaded the photos we were able to see that some of them were pixelated. We decided to do some research and found out that they were processing the images using the actual device. Luckily we found an algorithm that processes the images without damaging the original photo. The only issue with that software is that we could not port it to the device, so we decided that the best solution was to export the actual image to our server in order to process the image. Thats exactly what we did, and you will be amazed by the quality of our black and white pictures. We provide in this app 4 basic quality effects for your camera or your image library.> Mean Removal> Edge Detect> Negate (Negative)> Emboss> and more... you can combine all this effects to generate a nice looking image. All your friends will be jealous about your recent pictures. In this application we are generating some effects that normally you need an expensive software to generate them.Your pictures will finally look amazing when processed with our effects. Please contact us if you have any question. www.ccmsoft.com

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