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2015 latest GraviQuest A simple 2D puzzle game GraviQuest is a puzzle game written in Python and PyGame in which the objective in each level is, unsurprisingly, to reach the goal. However, this task is made slightly more complicated by the fact that it will often be necessary to 'rotate' gravity in order to reach said goal.To play the game, run ''. This will start up the main menu, from which you can select either 'New Game' or 'Quit' (the other options just restart the menu at the moment :P ). Not content with just making a normal menu, I decided to make it a nifty spinny thingy - you can scroll through the options by shifting your mouse in the appropriate direction.In keeping with tradition, you move your character left and right with the corresponding arrow keys. The up arrow is used to jump, and the 'Q' key quits to the main menu. That's about as complicated as it gets. At the moment, there are two types of blocks - the standard floor block, and the ever-so-mysterious '?' block which rotates gravity. In the final game it'll probably have some sort of spinny icon indicating which direction it turns you in instead of the question mark; the current one is just a quick doodle (like every other graphical entity in the game at the moment). The goal is marked out with an incredibly rubbish-looking door image (which I added in a few minutes ago, realising that people trying my game wouldn't know where I'd put it otherwise). Requirements: · Python · pygame What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · This release adds improved graphics, a better tile system, an animated character sprite, saving and loading of game progress, a pause menu with screen-capturing, a nifty credits sequence (with fireworks!), music for the aforementioned credits sequence and many, many bugfixes!

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