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Python Reversi

Python Reversi

  • Publisher:ACP
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  • Version:1.0
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2015 latest Python Reversi A Python/PyGame based on the classic Reversi. Python Reversi is a puzzle board game written in Python/PyGame.How to Play:Python Reversi, or Othello, is a two-player game played on a grid, in which the aim is to own more board squares than your opponent when the game reaches such a state that no more moves can be played.Players take it in turns to place tiles with the mouse. A move is only valid if placing a tile causes some of your opponent's tiles to be surrounded in at least one direction (diagonals included). Placing a tile will cause all of your opponent's tiles which are between this tile and another of yours to flip and become yours.If a player cannot place a tile due to a lack of valid options, the move will be skipped automatically. If neither player can move, the game is over and each player's tiles are totalled, determining a winner.Input:Mouse Button:- Place tileR - Reset GameQ - Quit Game Requirements: · Python · pygame

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