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Chord Transcriber

Chord Transcriber

  • Publisher:Harmony Central Inc
  • License:Demo
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  • File Size:710 KB
  • Version:2.0
  • Operation System:Mac OS

2015 latest Chord Transcriber Chord Transcriber - Identifies chords in music played from your CD-ROM or stereo Chord Transcriber is an application which can identify the chords played in virtually any piece of recorded music. You play an ordinary tape or CD on your stereo system or CD-ROM drive, and Chord Transcriber names the chords that are played by the recorded instruments. It works on just about any piece of music that has clear chord progressions, including most rock, jazz, country, and folk tunes.Chord Transcriber enables you to produce a complete chord chart from a musical recording within minutes. You can use Chord Transcriber to easily transcribe complex harmonies and be able to reproduce them on guitar, piano, or any other instrument.

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