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Finale Allegro

Finale Allegro

  • Publisher:MakeMusic! Inc.
  • License:Trial
  • Homepager:
  • File Size:128 MB
  • Version:2007 Beta
  • Operation System:Mac OS X

2015 latest Finale Allegro An easy, fast, and powerful audio program for educators, performing musicians, composers, arrangers, worship directors and students Finale Allegro could be of great help when it comes to composing/ arranging or even better, teaching someone how to do begin with music. Getting Started:·Launch Window puts the power of Allegro within a single mouse-click.·Setup Wizard and pre-designed templates help quickly create new music.·QuickStart Videos show you how – on your computer screen.Entering Notes:·Enter notes with your mouse, computer keyboard, and/or MIDI keyboard (including sustain pedal) in step- or real-time.·Enter notes by playing your brass or woodwind instrument into a mic with Allegro’s exclusive MicNotator®.·Scan sheet music with SmartScore® Lite (included) and import MIDI and MusicXML files.Composing and Arranging:·Automatically add two- and three-voice auto-harmonization from Band-in-a-Box® Auto Harmonizing.·Automatically add Drum Grooves (and easily expand your choice of styles).·Transpose to any key and extract parts.Teaching Music:·Exercise Wizard instantly creates warm-ups for the whole band, orchestra, or choir.·Setup Wizard includes diverse options, including Orff instruments and marching percussion.·Create quizzes and tests by exporting music as a TIFF file into a word processing program.Hearing Your Music:·Play back with integrated software sounds (including Row-Loff™ marching percussion) or via external MIDI devices.·Human Playback® adds expression, phrasing, swing, and dynamics – automatically.·Powerful mixer offers control of volume, panning, patch, and reverb as well as the choice of mute, solo, or record.Adding Markings, Lyrics, and More:·Unlimited number of lyric verses.·Add dynamics, tempos, chord symbols, guitar fretboards and tablature, and more.Sharing Your Music:·Print your score or parts: Finale® technology ensures world-class output.·Save as audio file (including .MP3) to create CDs.·Export MIDI and MusicXML files.·Export entire pages as TIF graphics files to add music to word processing documents. Requirements: · G4 or higher recommended · 800X600 minimum monitor resolution · CD-ROM drive · Minimum 256MB RAM recommended · 200 MB hard drive space required for software and user manual

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