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  • Publisher:Denis Bilenko
  • License:Freeware
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  • Version:0.10.0
  • Operation System:Mac OS X 10.0 or later

2015 latest gevent Open source Greenlet/Libevent-based Python networking library gevent is a free and open source Greenlet/Libevent-based networking library created in Python. Requirements: · Python What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] Timeout API was changed in backward incompatible way: · Timeout.__init__ does not start the timer immediately anymore; start() must be called explicitly. A shourtcut - Timeout.start_new - is provided that creates and starts a Timeout. · Added gevent.Greenlet class which is a subclass of greenlet that adds a few useful methods join/get/kill/link. See the docstrings for details. · gevent.spawn now returns Greenlet instance. The old gevent.spawn, which returns py.magic.greenlet instance, can be still accessed as gevent.spawn_raw. The implementation of Greenlet is an improvement on proc module, with these bugs fixed: · Proc is not a subclass of greenlet which makes getcurrent() useless and using Procs as keys in dict impossible. · Proc executes links sequentially, so one could block the rest from being executed. Greenlet executes each link in a new greenlet by default, unless it is set up with rawlink() method. · Proc cannot be easily subclassed. To subclass Greenlet, override its _run and __init__ methods. · Added gevent.pool.Pool class which supports a number of multiprocessing.Pool's methods: apply, map and others. It also has spawn() method which is always async and returns a Greenlet instance. · Added gevent.event module with 2 classes: Event and AsyncResult. · Event is a drop-in replacement for threading.Event, supporting set/wait/get methods. AsyncResult is an extension of Event that supports exception passing via set_exception method. · Added queue.JoinableQueue class with task_done() and join() methods. The following items were marked as deprecated: · gevent.proc module (wrap_errors helper was moved to gevent.util module) · gevent.coros.event · gevent.coros.Queue and gevent.coros.Channel Internally, gevent.greenlet was split into a number of modules: · gevent.hub provides Hub class and basic utilities, like sleep; Hub is now a subclass of greenlet. · gevent.timeout provides Timeout and with_timeout · gevent.greenlet provides Greenlet class and helpers like joinall and killall. · gevent.rawgreenlet contains the old "polling" versions of joinall and killall (they do not need link() functionality and work with any greenlet by polling their status and sleeping in a loop) · and core.write classes were renamed to core.read_event and core.write_event. · wsgi: pulled Mike Barton's eventlet patches that fix double content-length issue. · now searches more places for system libevent installation. · This fixes 64bit CentOS 5.3 installation issues, hopefully covers other platforms as well. The following items were added to the gevent top level package: · spawn_link · spawn_link_value · spawn_link_exception · spawn_raw · joinall · killall · Greenlet · GreenletExit · core · Thanks to Jason Toffaletti for reporting the installation issue and providing a test case for wsgi double content-length header bug.

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