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  • Publisher:U&I Software LLC
  • License:Demo
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  • Version:5.0
  • Operation System:Mac OS X 10.4 or later

2015 latest MetaSynth Electronic music and sound design environment. MetaSynth is a revolutionary electronic music and sound design environment featuring full-fidelity preview, realtime editing, and capture-to-disk recording.MetaSynth is organized in six rooms, each one acting as a fully-featured application in its own right. Here are some key features of "MetaSynth": · Effects Room - envelope-controllable DSP Effects · Image Synth - paint sound using any imaginable-tuning. The new MetaSynth instrument architecture makes the Image Synth more powerful than ever. Paint scores where color is translated to spatial position and brightness is translated to amplitude. · Image Filter Room - use an Image Synth-like interface to create extraordinary dynamic stereo filters. Many users tell us that the Image Filter Room alone is worth the price of admission. · Spectrum Synth - a new paradigm in synthesis: spectral granular sequencing. Analyze sounds into a sequence of events that you can transmogrify in ways you have never imagined. · Sequencer Room - lightweight non-MIDI composition room for composing melodies, phrases and loops. · Montage Room - the mixing room. 16-track audio sequencer. In MetaSynth Pro, you can also record audio in sync with your tracks. Limitations: · Save disabled. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] General Features: · MetaSynth 5 is universal binary, multi-threaded and fully Leopard-compatible. · Recording available in both Sample Editor and Montage Room. · 32-bit floating point sound buffers and 64-bit floating point math for all audio operations. · Full support for .caf and .wav files. · MetaSynth 5 can read and write .aif, .sd2, .caf and .wav files in all rooms. · Add output device selection to Preferences. · MetaSynth no longer uses the default output device chosen in Audio MIDI Setup. MetaSynth now allows the selection of any available output device. · Files can be saved at up to 32-bit resolution. · Much longer sounds can be loaded and created than previously. Sample Editor: · New Slide Selection Samples tool - Click and drag on the tool’s icon to move the sample within the selection. This tool is very useful for correcting small rhythmical errors and for moving syllables and words in voice tracks. · New Swap Left/Right command - This command, found in the Edit popup menu, swaps the left and right channels of the loaded sound. · Record to the sample editor - It is now possible to record to the Sample Editor. · Longer sounds can be loaded than previously - MetaSynth 5 dynamically allocates buffers when sounds are loaded which allows for the loading of much longer sounds than was previously possible. · Direct loading of mp3 format files - MetaSynth can now read mp3 files. It cannot, however, save in mp3 format. Loaded mp3 files can be saved in .aif, .caf, .sd2 and .wav formats. Effects Room: · Render to disk - The new render to disk command (found in the Effects Room’s File popup menu) allows the creation of sounds longer than can be loaded into memory and removes the previous six minute maximum duration for sounds that result from duration lengthening. Shortcut: hold down the option key when clicking on the Render Effect icon. MetaSynth will try to load the sound back into memory when rendering is complete. This command essentially removes limitations on the maximum duration that can be achieved when applying duration-lengthening effects such as Grain and Pitch & Time. · Convolution - The Crossfade effect now has a convolution parameter that performs convolution of the Sample Editor sound and the Auxiliary sound. · Improved Graphic EQ crossfades - Improved the behavior when applying Graphic EQ to a selection when the Auto Crossfade setting (in the Preferences dialog) is greater than 10 ms. This change allows you to seamlessly apply the Graphic EQ to a selection. Image Synth/Image Filter: · 11 new instrument modes and many new instrument capabilities added - Several new exciting capabilities were added to the MultiWaves and Granular Synth instruments. These are available in the Sequencer Room as well. · Change tuning during playback - It is now possible to changing the tuning map (custom tuning) during playback. · New Drawing Tools - 14 new Quartz-based graphics tools have been added to the brush palette. These tools are especially helpful when constructing filters and percussive sounds. Note: the line tool is not anti-aliased in Dot brush mode (which allows the drawing of stair step patterns). In all other cases, the Quartz-based tools create anti-aliased output. · New Remap Colors mode - The Remap Colors dialog now has two modes allowing remapping by color or brightness. The documentation for Remap Colors has been updated. · Support for importing most image types - The Open Picture File command can now import most image files that can be opened by QuickTime. Previously, only PICT format files were directly supported. · Remove the 16 kHz limit for notes - MetaSynth will now render notes whose pitch is higher than 16 kHz. · Render to disk command/2X oversampling - The Render To Disk command (found in the File popup menu) uses 2X oversampling to render the preset to disk before trying to load the rendered sound into memory. Use this command when either oversampling is desired or when you are rendering a sound too long to be loaded into the available memory. Shortcut: Option-click the Synthesize Current Pict button. · Batch Render command - This command (found in the File popup) renders all of the presets in the open preset library. Press and hold the Escape key to abort a batch render. · Fit Tempo command - Fit Tempo has been added to the Edit popup menu. Shortcut: ‘F’. This command performs the same function as the Tempo and Duration dialog’s ‘Fit to Current Sample’ button. · New Play Selection button - The Play Selection button previews the selection. Shortcut: command- spacebar · New scales added to Fit To Scale - Some useful new scales were added to the Fit To Scale popup and a few seldom-used scales were removed. · Automatic retriggering - When switching between presets during playback (with the [ and ] or ( and ) keys) MetaSynth will retrigger playback in cases where playback would have stopped (such as when picture widths change).

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