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  • Publisher:Luca Bellonda
  • License:GPL
  • Homepager:http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Development/Editors/Qxmledit.shtml
  • File Size:1.2 MB
  • Version:0.4.7
  • Operation System:Mac OS X

2015 latest Qxmledit Simple and open source XML editor Qxmledit is an open source and simple to use XML editor written in Qt4 that uses a tree based interface to ease the edit of long files.Qxmledit is very simple and it lacks some features like explicit namespaces support, but it has some peculiarites. Qxmledit is not a textual editor, but it is tree control based, so it is impossible to generate some XML syntax errors, like missing or misplaced closing tag. This advantage is more and more important with the growing of the XML file size.Installation: Unarchive, open a Terminal window, go to the Qxmledit's directory in the src folder and from there run the following command:qmakeThen double click the generated Xcode project and choose Build from the Build menu in Xcode. This will build the Qxmledit application in the "/build/Debug" folder inside Qxmledit's source directory . Here are some key features of "Qxmledit": · Compact view of items · Copy and paste of a whole subtree · Fast expansion and compression · Shortcuts for fast long trees navigation · Search in any tree component · Compact edit of elements · No more losing a tag when editing text Requirements: · Qt 4 or later · Apple Xcode Limitations: · Explicit namespace support · Text and CDATA sections are merged · Internally it does not use model/view paradigm, so algorithms are more complicated than it is necessary. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · User Manual · Scoped filter search · User definable visual styles · Elements hiding to reduce visual clutter www.ccmsoft.com

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