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QTL Reaper

QTL Reaper

  • Publisher:J. Wang & Ken Manly
  • License:GPL
  • Homepager:http://downloadatoz.net/qtl-reaper/
  • File Size:252 KB
  • Version:1.1.1
  • Operation System:Mac OS X

2015 latest QTL Reaper Analyze data from progeny of a genetic cross in experimental plants or animals QTL Reaper analyzes data from progeny of a genetic cross in experimental plants or animals. It seeks the location of genes that affect a heritable trait, and it is specially designed for analysis of gene expression measurements.QTL Reaper is a free software, written in C and compiled as a Python module, for rapidly scanning microarray expression data for QTLs. It is essentially the batch-oriented version of WebQTL. QTL Reaper requires, as input, expression data from members of a set of recombinant inbred lines and genotype information for the same lines. It searches for an association between each expression trait and all genotypes and evaluates that association by a permutation test. For the permutation test, QTL Reaper will perform only as many permutations as are necessary to define the empirical P-value to a reasonable precision.QTL Reaper also performs bootstrap resampling to estimate the confidence region for the location of a putative QTL. Requirements: · Python www.ccmsoft.com

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