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  • Lotto Notify - Mega Millions Lottery Notifier: Mega Monkey Notifier
    Lotto Notify - Mega Millions Lottery Notifier: Mega Monkey Notifier

    Forget to check drawing result? Mega Monkey Notifier sends winning numbers directly to your phone and email address! Need to keep all purchased numbers? Mega Monkey Notifier organizes them and saves your winning history via calendar! Tired to compare numbers and calculate prize by eyes? Mega Monkey Notifier does it for you automatically! Mega Monkey Notifier is the one-stop-shop solution for quick and easy management to all Mega Millions information you need on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Instruction:+ To enable pop-up notification on phone: allow Push Notification upon prompted at installation time+ To enable email notification: turn on Settings>Alert>Email Alert and input email addressFeatures: + Get notified the drawing results by email and pop-up alert on phone+ Use calendar to easily navigate through drawing and winnings history + Manage (add, edit, delete) your purchased numbers/tickets and save them on both the device and remote server+ Get winning numbers, next draw date, and the jackpot information in one view + Calculate, save, and accumulate prize automatically + Get payout/prize level information in details for each drawing date + Quick Pick numbers based on history winning analysis + Provide state-based megaplier configuration + Offer various theme options to customize the look and feel of the app + Countdown to next drawing + Support iPhone 4 Retina Display + Link to Facebook and Twitter

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    • Placement

      Your goal is to make rows of three pieces. But your opponent is conspiring against you -- the piece he or she places controls the placement of your next piece (and vice versa). Each of the four kinds of pieces has a different power: close; away; diagonal; horizontal. You start with two of each kind; place them carefully!May the player that makes the best placements win.------------If you enjoy this app, please consider a 5-star review. Your praise keeps us motivated to produce more iPad apps. If you have any comments or any suggestions for improvement, please let us know.------------More fun apps @

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      • Placement Feeds
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      • ECG Lead Placement
        ECG Lead Placement

        This application helps user to interactively learn placing 5-lead and 12-Lead ECG electrodes. User can drag the electrodes and position it to the correct location. Even the help is available. Popover helps to know further about different color code standards and the exact location. This application is helpful for Nursing and Medical first year students. Does not require internet connection.

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        • Service de placement
          Service de placement

          Au Service de placement de l'Université Laval (SPLA), c'est toute une équipe de spécialistes en emploi qui s'occupe de vous ! Ici, vous découvrirez tous les outils essentiels pour faire une entrée réussie sur le marché du travail. L'application officielle du Service de placement de l'Université Laval contient les fonctionnalités suivantes: Offres: consultez toutes les offres disponibles Événements: consultez les prochains événements offerts Info-emploi: consultez les offres d'emploi en fonction de votre profil Favoris: consultez les emplois que vous avez sélectionnés dans vos favoris Vidéos: visualisez des capsules vidéos Offres géolocalisées: recherchez les offres en fonction de leur localisation sur une carte

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          • Web Placement Verifier
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          • Door Lock Placement
            Door Lock Placement

            Learn how to determine the lock's placement. Decide on a height for your lock. Read how to install a lock.

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            • My Work Placement
              My Work Placement

              My Work Placement is a web app designed for all ages for recording work experience. Whether you are a student on a work placement or an internship, or anyone taking part in a period of work experience, My Work Placement will let you keep a live record of your experiences using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Key Features •Keep a daily diary of your experiences •Add photos to your diary •Access information to support your work experience •Map your experience to targets •Assess and evaluate your experiences •Print a final report of your work experience •Share your record with friends or potential employers

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              • Shot Placement Guide
                Shot Placement Guide

                The African Hunter Shot Placement Guide is a very useful tool for any hunter around the world regardless of the weapon of choice. This beautifully illustrated guide offers the hunter/user the following: - Shot Placement and Formatted Data images depicting vitals and skeleton, detailed information, hunting records and hunting notes and tips for 20 of Africa's popular animals (Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Buffalo, Crocodile, Eland, Elephant, Gemsbok, Giraffe, Hippo, Imapala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Sable, Springbok, Tsessebe, Warthog, Waterbuck and Zebra) - A series of screens to capture, maintain and view every hunt the hunter/user wishes to record - A series of screens to capture, maintain and view every weapon the hunter/user wishes to record - A series of screens to capture, maintain and view some personal information of the hunter/user - The images are all fully zoomable and viewable in both portrait and landscape view Tags: african hunter shot placement guide, google springbok shot placement, shot placement blesbok african hunter magazine, shot placement eland african hunter magazine, shot placement waterbuck african hunter magazine.

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                • Spanish Placement Test
                  Spanish Placement Test

                  This written placement test is designed to help students determine which level of courses they should study. It should not be used as an absolute measure of proficiency. Brought to you for free by OpenLanguage Spanish.

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