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  • Convert MS SQL Database to MySQL Database Program
    Convert MS SQL Database to MySQL Database Program

    MSSQL to MySQL database conversion software convert bulk MSSQL database files tables into MySQL format.. Software supports all data types or attributes and works with all major versions of MS SQL server on Windows XP, Win 2000, Windows ME, win 98 and VISTA operating system. MSSQL to MySQL Database converter software overwrite converted databases or saves converted database records at user specified location. Technical and non-technical user both are capable to operated software easily. Database administrators and Computer Programmers save their time using this fast database conversion utility which frequently converting single or multiple database records and user can save store converted database anywhere in the hard disk. MS SQL to MYSQL Database Converter Software Features • Free Database converter software supports all major versions of MSSQL and MySQL Database Server. • DB conversion software converts complete database or single database table’s records. • Professional database conversion utility support all major databases attributes such as indexes, data types and key constraints. • Database converter full install and uninstall support. Advance database conversion tools easy to use wizard GUI interface

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  • Convert OST Database to PST Database
    Convert OST Database to PST Database

    Convert OST Database to PST Database is one of the apex products from our packages, in order to shift all the essentials of Convert OST to PST. Our software OST Database to PST Database efficiency can absent doubt complete to Convert OST to PST. Our application manager also allows you to bear out mass switch of your various OST files at a time, also chains alteration of Unicode and Ansi OSTF files. Unique product details for sure attract you to use it and convert your complete mailboxes from Convert OST Data to PST Data. Download Account before the deal for free of our Convert OST to PST and charge the file management system capability, once receiving declare arrange the licensed version of Convert OST Database to PST Database at only $99.For more info-:

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  • xBaseView Database Explorer (formerly Database Viewer-Editor)
    xBaseView Database Explorer (formerly Database Viewer-Editor)

    xBaseView Database Explorer is a multi-functional database tool designed for novice database administrators or advanced database users. It looks like Microsoft Windows Explorer and allows you to work with databases just like in Explorer: database files are displayed in a folder-tree and you can open it with the mouse. xBaseView Database Explorer can be used to to perform a wide range of operations, like filtering, searching or printing of records. It can open any database via the ADO, ODBC and BDE universal industrial technologies, and can directly open 15 types of databases. xBaseView Database Explorer provides direct export to 16 formats (direct import - from 14 formats), and it can export (and import) them to any database format via the universal technologies. Database experts will be able to create up to 10 various types of files; perform SQL-queries and other operations. xBaseView Database Explorer (formerly Database Viewer-Editor) main features: Access to 3 universal file extensions: UDL, DSN, BDE. Direct access to 15 file extensions: DBF, DBC, DB, MDB, MYD, GDB, FDB, MDF, XLS, CSV, TAB, HTM, HTML, XML, CDS. Export to 2 universal database formats: UDL, DSN. Direct export to 16 database formats: TXT, XLS, CSV, TAB, HTM, Simple XML, CDS XML, ADO XML, DBF, DB, MYD, MDB, DBC, GDB, FDB, MDF. Import from 2 universal database formats: UDL, DSN. Direct import from 14 database formats: CSV, TAB, HTM, CDS XML, ADO XML, DBF, DB, MYD, CDS, MDB, DBC, GDB, FDB, MDF. Creation of 10 files types: DBF, DB, MYD, MDB, DBC, GDB, FDB, MDF, UDL, DSN. Search records by 3 ways: sequential, index and step-by-step. Filtering records by 2 ways: SQL- like and index. Execution SQL queries and other SQL-operators. Generation Create Table SQL-operators for different databases. Creation and modification of structures for DBF / DB files. Creation and modification of indexes for DBF / DB files. Reindex, pack or zap of DBF / DB files. Setting code of characters for DBF / DB files. Characters translation in DBF files. Using 6 technologies of access to databases: Microsoft ADO, Microsoft ODBC, Borland dbExpress, Borland Database Engine, MySQLDAC Engine, xBase DBF Engine. The xBase DBF Engine automatically opens and correctly uses all types of index (CDX, IDX, MDX, NDX, NTX) and memo (FPT, DBT) files for DBF; recognizes DBF's code pages and national characters; supports different collates, including General Collate, for VFP and FoxPro; supports auto incremental fields for VFP 8 and new DBF-formats for VFP 9. xBaseView Database Explorer (formerly Database Viewer-Editor) requirements: Requires database drivers in order to open database files and execute SQL queries. xBaseView Database Explorer (formerly Database Viewer-Editor) limitations: 30 days trial period Nag screen What's new in xBaseView Database Explorer (formerly Database Viewer-Editor) : Added: The Bulgarian language by Georgy Krushkov Added: work as "plug-in" under Windows Explorer Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS Firebird Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS Interbase Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS MS SQL Server Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS SQLAnywhere Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS Oracle XE Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS MS Access Added: Unicode supports for all unicode's databases. Added: Automatically registering MDF file to MS SQL Server Added: Shift+Ctrl+W keys for closing the current connection Added: Shift+Delete for deleting record without confirmation Added: Shift+Ctrl+C keys for copy current record to clipboad Added: SqliteANSI parameter (0-Unicode, 1-ANSI) Improved: The windows of the program now flicker less Fixed: The connection wizard would work only with one local MS-SQL Fixed: An error accessing BDE Paradox tables in the exclusive mode Fixed: An error maximizing the ...

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  • Physis DataBase Database Export Utility
    Physis DataBase Database Export Utility

    Physis Database Export Utility is to make your work with databases more efficient and even enjoyable. It converts Unlimited Databases, including (Firebird , Interbase ,PostGre-Sql , Sybase, SqlLite, Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and text files or ODBC) tables to (TXT,XLS,DOC,HTML,DBF,SQL,XML,RTF,SAV,PDF,WQ1,SLK,XML,WK1,DIF)

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  • Database Viewer for SmartPhone (formerly Smart Database Viewer (Access,Excel,Oracle))
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  • ESF Database Migration Toolkit Standard (formerly ESF Database Convert)
    ESF Database Migration Toolkit Standard (formerly ESF Database Convert)

    This software converts between various database formats ESF Database Migration Toolkit is a program that allows you to convert between different database formats. ESF Database Migration Toolkit can directly connect to MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase, Visual FoxPro, Text and other formats, and convert between these formats (SQL Server to MySQL, MySQL to Access etc.). ESF Database Migration Toolkit offers a simple step-by-step wizard, that allows you to connect to the source database, select the tables, and then convert and copy them to the destination. You can choose to include all data or just copy the structure of the database.The program provides all the required conversion options, taking into account the peculiarities of both input and output database formats. You can convert files exactly the way you want it.ESF Database Migration Toolkit includes the support of table Primary Keys, Indexes and Auto-ID. It also maps table and field names in converting. The tool comes with the batch conversion mode that can enhance productivity by speeding up the entire conversion process. ESF Database Migration Toolkit stands out for being the most intuitive, comprehensive and effective tool in its category. Main features of ESF Database Migration Toolkit Standard (formerly ESF Database Convert): The software is wizard-like; it's so easy and quickly, everyone can use it. You convert one database to the other just only 3 steps Supports various database formats. It can interchangeably convert MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, dBase, Paradox, Text, Visual FoxPro Supports table Primary Keys, Indexes, and Autoincrement(Auto-ID) Supports Batch Insert/Update records to increase converssion speed! It lets ESF Database Convert run faster than other program You can interchangeably convert MySQL to Access, Access to Oracle, Oracle to SQL Server, SQL Server to MySQL, ... and etc in one product Via ODBC DSN, you can convert datas from any type database Map table & field name in converting You can use SQL statement to filter datas to be converting Supports all the UNICODE characterset (UTF8, LATIN, CP1250, ASCII and so on) Requirements of ESF Database Migration Toolkit Standard (formerly ESF Database Convert): Microsoft MDAC 2.6 Limitations of ESF Database Migration Toolkit Standard (formerly ESF Database Convert): Converts only 10 records for each database table What's New in This Release: Customs CSV/Text file format in "Setting" Dialog

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  • Convert MS SQL Database to MS Access Database Program
    Convert MS SQL Database to MS Access Database Program

    MSSQL to Access Database Converter is a powerful tool which converts MS SQL server database records into Ms Access database formats. MS SQL Conversion Program easily convert large MSSQL database which contains thousands of records. Database converter software frequently converts entire MS SQL database or selected table's records os SQL Server easily and efficiently. MS SQL to Access converter supports all data types, attributes primary key, unique key and foreign key. MSSQL database conversion tool has user friendly graphical interface and no technical skills are required to operate the software. MS SQL to MS Access Database Converter Features ? Software convert any single database table or group of tables as per as user requirement. It convert entire database or selected table's records. ? Convert Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft Access software support all data types of MS SQL server and MS Access Databases ? Convert MSSQL database to MS Access Program supports Unicode architecture. ? Convert MS SQL Database to MS Access Database Program has easy-to-use graphical user interface.

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  • Database
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  • ZODB3

    Zope Object Database: object database and persistence ZODB3 (Zope Object Database) provides an object-oriented database for Python that provides a high-degree of transparency. Applications can take advantage of object database features with few, if any, changes to application logic. ZODB includes features such as a plugable storage interface, rich transaction support, and undo.The ZODB package provides a set of tools for using the Zope Object Database (ZODB). The components you get with the ZODB release are as follows: * Core ZODB, including the persistence machinery * Standard storages such as FileStorage * The persistent BTrees modules * ZEO, for scalability needs * documentation (needs more work)Our primary development platforms are Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows XP. The test suite should pass without error on all of these platforms, although it can take a long time on Windows -- longer if you use ZoneAlarm. Many particularly slow tests are skipped unless you pass --all as an argument to Requirements: · Python What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] Bugs Fixed: · A ZEO threading bug could cause transactions to read inconsistent data. (This sometimes caused an AssertionError in Connection._setstate_noncurrent.) · DemoStorage.loadBefore sometimes returned invalid data which would trigger AssertionErrors in ZODB.Connection. · History support was broken when using stprages that work with ZODB 3.8 and 3.9. · zope.testing was an unnecessary non-testing dependency. · Internal ZEO errors were logged at the INFO level, rather than at the error level. · The FileStorage backup and restore script, repozo, gave a deprecation warning under Python 2.6. · C Header files weren't installed correctly. · The repozo backup utility gave deprecation warnings when run.

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  • mydo

    MySQL Database Optimizer mydo is a small script in bash which helps to optimize MySQL database. It can be setup easy and can be run in crontab nightly or weekly. It will optimize only tables in databases which needs to be optimize.

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  • ChessX

    Open Source Chess Database for Linux ChessX is a free Open Source Chess Database for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The project uses Qt library to create modern, portable graphical interface. Current development is aimed at providing full featured PGN database. Afterwards we will add more flexible native format. HistoryThe project was started after development of Scid halted and contact with the author was lost. Initially, ChessX was to be a community maintained version of Scid called "New Scid". However, after some initial development, it was decided to break away from the old code so that new ideas and modern interface can be implemented. Here are some key features of "ChessX": · Multi-platform. Supports Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS · Read-only support for PGN Files · Work with multiple databases simultaneously · Browse games · Navigate through game, including variations · Copy/Paste FEN/PGN · Enter moves, setup board position · Basic header search (click on columns in GameList header) · Player database with picture support Requirements: · Qt What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · feature: warn when quitting with unsaved databases · feature: improve Engine tab of Preferences dialog, add reordering · feature: remember current engine · bugfix: show correct score for Crafty · bugfix: correctly display variations leading to mate in UCI engines · bugfix: update ECO database for opening detection and move guesser · bugfix: improve focus handling in game list and game text · feature: timer-delayed game loading when pressing Ctrl+Down/Up · bugfix: remove bold column names in TableView · bugfix: support NAGs not preceeded with space in PGN parser · bugfix: make PGN parser more robust · bugfix: optimize PGN output · bugfix: enable leading comment in mainline and variations · bugfix: slightly improve PGN export formatting · feature: allow creating new PGN databases · change: drop CXD databases support · bugfix: guess move only with mouse over the board · feature: truncate from the beginning · bugfix: correct tag order for QuickSearch · feature: search games by number or number range · bugfix: do not read a game beyong the end of file · feature: allow editing pre-move comments · bugfix: PGN standard compliant ep square in FEN · bugfix: reparent some dialogs · bugfix: remove flickering at startup · feature: make comments editable · feature: correctly read PGNs with FEN · feature: new Leipzig theme · feature: allow removing variations · feature: enable HTML export · feature: allow setting small fonts in chess text widgets (useful for laptops). · bugfix: save all PGN tags · bugfix: display correct move number in starting position · feature: allow copying games between databases · feature: allow copying pieces in BoardSetup by using Ctrl · change: add Advanced setting to BoardSetup · feature: PlayerInfo dialog with player statistics · feature: display FEN in BoardSetup · feature: copy/paste position in BoardSetup · bugfix: correctly recognize promotions in UCI engines · bugfix: correctly handle promotion in tablebases · bugfix: support 1/2 as a draw symbol

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  • JDBCImporter

    A consistent mechanism for importing data from a file to a database JDBCImporter provides a consistent mechanism for importing data from a file to a database, exporting data from a database to a file, and generating data.JDBCImporter API can run from the command line using an XML config file or from inside an Ant build script. It works with CSV, fixed data, and XML files and supports numbers, strings, and date/times as database column types.Custom classes can be used to parse different file formats, format column values into different file formats, translate column values before importing or after exporting, or allocate or release JDBC connections.Installation:Below are the installation steps for installing JDBC Importer:unzip the file add jdbcimporter.jar and commons-logging.jar to the CLASSPATH.For example: set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;INSTALL_DIRlibjdbcimporter.jar;INSTALL_DIRlibcommons-logging.jarJDBC ImporterBasic Usage:> java [options] net.sourceforge.jdbcimporter.Importer [plugin file] where :config file : the import config fileplugin file : the (optional) property file that describes the plugins available during the importoptions : two system properties may be set (both are optional) jdbcimporter.engine = The import engine to usejdbcimporter.failonerror = Flag indicating that the import should end if an error occurrs What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Added header property for CSVDelimiterFormatter to set the initial contents of the csv file · Added BinaryDelimiterParser interface to parse binary files

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  • nuBuilder

    Web-based development environment nuBuilder is a database development tool where all forms, reports, company data and custom code is stored in MySQL and displayed dynamically.At nuSoftware we created nuBuilder so that we could produce customized web-based applications faster than it takes to write applications from scratch.Our nuBuilder development tool has been so useful to us that we have now decided to release nuBuilder under the GPLv3 Open Source licence model.Enterprise level software that you can download and use for free.nuBuilder is a database development tool similar to Microsoft Access - except that it runs completely in a web browser. Requirements: · PHP · Apache · MySQL

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  • Couchapp

    Standalone CouchDB Application Development Made Simple. CouchApp is a set of helpers and a jQuery plugin that conspire to get you up and running on CouchDB quickly and correctly. The library brings clarity and order to the freedom of CouchDB's document-based approach. Requirements: · Python

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  • Query Manager
    Query Manager

    MySQL queries tool Query Manager is a tool which makes creating simple MySQL queries simple for beginner and experienced users alike.To run the application download the archive and type the following:tar -xvzf querymanager.tar.gzcd querymanagerjava -jar Query_Manager.jarNOTE: In order to use this program at it's full capability you have to have a running MySQL server. Requirements: · Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment

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  • jPersist

    An extremely powerful, light-weight, object-relational database persistence API. jPersist is an extremely powerful, light-weight, object-relational database persistence API that manages to avoid the need for configuration and annotation; mapping is automatic. The project uses JDBC and can work with any relational database and any type of connection resource. jPersist uses information obtained from the database to handle mapping between the database and Java objects, so mapping configuration is not needed, and annotation is not needed, in fact there is no configuration needed at all. jPersist has a database manager class that handles pooling of its own resources as well as managing JDBC connections as needed. The database manager provides several object relational access methods that allow queries, inserts, updates, deletes, etc. in a single line of code. However, the real power of jPersist resides in the jPersist.Database class. This class is a powerhouse of functionality that provides configuration and annotation free object-oriented access to your relational database. jPersist can be used with POJO object instances, or extended to provide object-relational abilities for your class instances, and it can even be cast to an interface for database proxying. jPersist also implements ListIterator to provide forward and backward traversal of the data returned and can be used directly in page rendering tools such as JSP and Velocity. jPersist also easily handles all types of data associations and inheritance. When loading an object, you can optionally also load any of the associations the object may have. jPersist is as easy as: // normal POJOpublic class Customer extends PersistentObject // not required{public Customer(String lastName) {?}?} DatabaseManager dbm = DatabaseManager.getDatabaseManager("jndiDb"); Customer customer = (Customer)dbm.loadObject(new Customer("Smith")); customer.setLastName("Smithman"); dbm.saveObject(customer); dbm.saveObject(new Customer("dbuser1", "passwd", "Dave", "B.")); Requirements: · Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · This release has a new licensing scheme. · It has additional logging, cleans up the source, and fixes a few minor bugs.

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  • Glom

    Glom allows you to design database table definitions and the relationships between them. Glom allows you to design database table definitions and the relationships between them. The design is loosely based upon FileMaker Pro, with the added advantage of separation between interface and data. It attempts to provide a simple generic framework sufficient to implement most database applications. These systems normally consists of lots of repetitive, unmaintainable code.Glom-specific data such as the relationship definitions is saved in the Glom document. Glom re-connects to the database server when it loads a previous Glom document. The document is in XML format.Glom uses the PostgresSQL database backend but it can not edit databases that it did not create, because it uses only a simple subset of Postgres functionality. Requirements: · Bakery 2.4 · libgdamm 2 · Python >=2.2 · PyGtk · iso-codes What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Details: Choices: Actually show choices drop-down lists again, fixing a regression in Glom 1.12. · Export, Import: Better handling of binary image data.

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  • pyodbc

    Python ODBC library pyodbc is a Python library that allows you to access ODBC databases. It implements the Python Database API Specification v2.0. Here are some key features of "pyodbc": · The library is free for commercial and personal use. · It conforms to the DB API standard. · No 3rd party libraries are required. Only native Python datatypes are used, such as decimal and datetime. · It requires Python 2.4 or higher, since the decimal type was added in 2.4. (We are open to suggestions regarding versions for earlier Python builds.) · Additional features have been added to simplify database programming with Python. Requirements: · Python

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  • Convert Database
    Convert Database

    Company offers Convert Database application to completely supports Unicode architecture character set which provides fast and easy conversion from MS SQL database to My SQL database format. offers perfect solution to save the transformed information at desired location of user specified or overwrite the My SQL database records into existing MS SQL format by avoiding database redundancy. Database migration software is fully compatible to all Microsoft SQL Server and MS SQL data type which includes unique key, primary key, null value constraints table structure including columns and rows and maintains database integrity. MSSQL to My SQL Convert Database software is most preferred application among company because it requires minimum efforts and minimum time for migrating entire selected db in just few mouse clicks from your system keyboard. Software from is best and inexpensive db transforming application that efficiently and accurately runs under all major version of windows operating system like Win7, Vista, XP etc. reliable and inexpensive Convert Database tool based on wizard interface that assist entire technical or non technical user without having any prior professional knowledge or training. Software features: * Accurately and efficiently transforms all MS SQL database records into My SQL database records format. * Most demanding and popular MSSQL to My SQL Convert Database software supports all major versions of MS SQL and My SQL database formats. * Powerful and inexpensive MSSQL to My SQL Convert Database application maintains complete database integrity. * Database migration software is efficient enough to save your time by automatically transforming single or multiple DB records in just few clicks from your mouse.

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  • Deputy Database
    Deputy Database

    Deputy Database is an easy to use money management application specially designed to enable you to generate annual reports for people appointed by the Court of Protection as deputies for financial affairs. Transactions may be imported from CSV files and allocated to COP reporting categories.

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  • Database Recovery
    Database Recovery

    It is clearly known that no computer application is free from corruption even till today. Corruption can commonly occur in database applications also like SQL, Access and SharePoint Server database. In such scenarios, database recovery tools help to recover the lost database contents from the corrupted databases and prevent huge loss. SysTools presently has database recovery tools for - SharePoint database recovery, SQL database recovery and Access database recovery. Using our SQL database recovery software, you can recover SQL database contents exactly the same form as present before as the software does not delete or damage or change or overwrite any data information. Software recovers data from damaged or corrupted MDF file of SQL Server 2003/2005/2008. Using our SharePoint database recovery software, you can easily recover SharePoint database contents from SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007. Using our Access database recovery software, you can quickly recover Access database contents from damaged or corrupted MDB file of MS Access 97/2000/2002/2003. These database recovery software solutions are also available in the FREE Demo Versions. These free database recovery software trials can be downloaded online in just a few seconds. With the help of the Demo Version of any of our database recovery software, you can repair corrupted database files and can also preview the recovered items but cannot save the recovered contents to your system. For complete recovery of SQL, SharePoint & Access databases, you need to purchase full version of SysTools SQL Recovery Tool, SysTools SharePoint Recovery Tool and SysTools Access Recovery Tool.

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  • Database Reports
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  • Radiation Database
    Radiation Database

    This application supports English and Japanese languages.This applicaiton lets you view and report radiation data at your location using an Android device.The radiation database depends on reporters with a radiation measurement device such as a Geiger-Muller counter who can contribute nearby radiation data.Participation by many reporters are welcome.Viewing the radiation dataYou can view radiation data in the range of 18.5km from your location within ten days.This data are ones submitted by reporters using this application.Submitting radiation dataIf you have a radiation measurement device, report the measured data at your nearby location periodically.The data will be stored in the database along with the location, device number and submission time. Visit for detail.

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    • Debt Database
      Debt Database

      The Debt Database supports importing and exporting actions. It can print entire database or selected records. Records payables, loan amounts, loan dates, balances, interest rates, maturity dates, monthly payments, collaterals, and due amounts. Self contained database. [b]Note[/b]: To reduce bandwidth costs, you may download only one database at a time. Increase this limit by making a small $15.00 donation to the developer.

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    • LUMINA Database
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    • Aquarius Database
      Aquarius Database

      Aquarius is a freeware business database with all the basic accounting and inventory features you will need to run a small business. And since your database may need to have new features added as your business grows and evolves, provision has been made to allow Aquarius to have new custom features added to it. Main features: [ul][li]Fully customizable to your business.[/li] [li]Perpetual inventory and purchasing report help you optimize stock levels.[/li] [li]Sales Reports help you analyse your business and prepare tax returns.[/li] [li]An easy to use sales form for making sales.[/li] [li]Printed receipts, invoices, envelopes, mailing labels, form letters, address lists and product catalogs.[/li] [li]Product search.[/li] [li]Customer database.[/li] [li]Includes a sample database to experiment with.[/li] [li]Easy to get started - when you are ready, just switch to a blank working database, fill in your business name, etc., on the Customize form, import or type in your data, and you are ready to make sales![/li] [li]Ability to use your word processor to design the receipts, invoices, envelope addressing, mailing labels, form letters, address lists and product catalogs Aquarius produces (initially set up for MS Word). This enables you to present the image you want to your customers and potential customers.[/li] [li]Ability to add photos of some or all of your products, and to show a photo by clicking on a product.[/li] [li]Ability to swich between the working database, the sample database and backed up databases (say from previous years) at any stage.[/li] [li]Ability to backup, restore, compact and repair your database from the File menu.[/li] [li]Customizable user help, which you can rewrite specifically for your business and your staff.[/li] [li]Customizable banner display for the education (and diversion?) of your staff.[/li] [li]Easy editing forms for the Customer, Product, Sales, Items and Suppliers tables.[/li] [li]Many options in the Sales and Purchasing reports to provide for the practical needs of a real business.[/li] [li]Full control of the appearance of the various forms in terms of color and pictures which show in them.[/li] [li]A variety of effective strategies to enable you to expand your database and add new custom features to it as your business changes and grows.[/li] [/ul]

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    • Database Extractor
      Database Extractor

      This DataBase utility was engineered with automation and simplicity in mind. In this demanding business world ever rapidly changing, requires us to constantly upgrade and optimise infrastructure. This ultimately leads to the need to migrate information(data) onto newer high tech platforms. This until now required aquisitioning of external resources with specialised skillsets to get the 'Job Done'. Happily now this can be afforded to anyone with basic SQL skills. The utility inteprets the query and automatically populates a file with all the fields requested. Simply and Effectively, regardless of the SQL database. Once an ODBC driver is setup on the particular PC the utility is being executed. [b]Database Extractor Main Features:[/b] [li]Connecting to any SQL Compliant Server & DataBase[/li] [li]Scheduling Capability[/li] [li]FTP Upload Capability[/li] [li]Friendly Error Trapping Script Analyser[/li] [li]Ability to Interpret SQL and populate a file Based on the fields stated in the SQL Statement[/li] [li]Error Correction of Field selection in SQL statement[/li]

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    • Database Viewer
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