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  • Salon Management Software
    Salon Management Software

    Point Of Sale Software (POS) Salon Management Software is an Adobe AIR program manages all of your customers, banks and office data centrally on your PC or laptop.About Adobe AIRAdobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on computers and devices running the Linux operating system. In addition, Adobe Flex Builder for Linux can be used to build rich internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems using proven web technologies. Requirements: · Adobe AIR

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  • Smart TCL
    Smart TCL

    Smart TCL is a complete TCL script for eggdrop bots 1.6.x series. Smart.tcl is a complete TCL script for eggdrop bots 1.6.x series. It should also be compatible with older 1.5.x and 1.4.x series (except for some functions which requires newer 1.6.x tcl-commands).It is meant to be an easy and fast instrument for botnet configuration/administration. All settings are available via comfortable party-line interfaces (usually, both single and mass interface are available with the same name and parameters, just putting an 'm' before command name and a bot-group after: for example, '.join #channel' --> '.mjoin A #channel', etc..)All of your settings/configurations are stored into a single directory, created in your eggdrop route and named 'smartTCL/', so if something goes wrong, you can just 'rm -rf smartTCL' and reinstall from a fresh smart.tcl copy.Important: To work properly, tcl name MUST be 'smart.tcl', so please don 't try to rename it (many users tried with smart-version.tcl and similar, but it make impossible to use important internal features, like .upgrade, ops, etc.). A good place for the tcl is in your eggdrop 's root, or in 'scripts/' subdir.Here are some key features of "Smart TCL":· Modular System: '.setup/.msetup': you can dynamically choose modules to load/unload on each bot. · Upgrade System: '.upgrade/.mupgrade': A simple and powerful interface to remotely upgrade your botnet to the last smart.tcl. · Help System: '.help smart': full list of smart.tcl commands, each one's help available with '.help command'. · SOP (Smart-OP routines): '.sop/.msop': fully configurable botnet ops, auto-add, auto-jump, etc. · Protector: '.prot/.mprot': All kinds of user/bot/channel protections you can imagine, including chan-limit, extra-bitch, split detection/protection, anti fake-takeover prot, etc. · Bouncer: '.bounce or .bnc': A complete, fully configurable Bounce System, like a shell psy-bnc, but not requiring any extra bg-process!Supports both IRC/telnet connections, vhost configuration (ask your shell providers before using!),multiple users, users/bots connections, guest/user/bot/owner privileges, etc.· Anti-Spam: '.spam': A complete, fully configurable Anti-Spam System. · Clone Scanner: '.clone': Scans for clones on your channels and do what you want with 'em. · Anti-Repeat: '.repeat': notice/kick/ban users repeating the same things (fully configurable). · Log Facilities: '.logs': lets you add/rem/examine/download bot logs from a partyline interface. · Shell Commands: you can use most commonely used shell commands directly from partyline, for example '.ls', '.mv', '.find', '.cat', ... · Remote Filesystem Commands: you can send files through botnet via simple commands like '.send/.msend', or download files from bot's filesystem with '.get', etc.· Send User Records: '.senduser': just linked a new non-shared bot? Want to transfer some users on new bot? Just '.senduser' to it! · Mass Stuff: lots of interesting commands like .mjoin, .mchanset, .massmsg, .mcycle, .mop, .· Botnet Stuff: usefull commands like '.check', '.flagnote', '.botserv', '.+serv', '.-serv', etc. · Topic Locker: '.tlock': want to organize a meeting and don't want users to change your channel topic? Just lock it with '.tlock'! · On-Join messages: '.onjoin': want to show channel's website to joining/parting users? Just configure this interface! · News reading: '.news': discover all news about your last installed smart.tcl! · Last commands facilities: want to see last 7 commands? Just use '.last 7'.. · Anti Idle: '.idle': public or public messages to simulate a normal user connection.· Auto Invite System: '.ainv': automatically invites users joining specified channels to other channels. · Email System: '.mail': lets you send emails through party-line. · Probe System: '.probe': if you find some "Tcl error", you can use the '.probe' command to have informations about the error, and maybe email a '.probe log' to the author to let him correct the bug. · Query commands: like 'chatme', to make the bot call you via dcc-chat, or 'ping', etc.Requirements:· TCL language >= 8.3.xWhat's New in This Release:· Modules Interfaces: version 2.8: added 'module:report' facility; improved internal data management; added q_test function (doblequotes test); fixed '%l' in modules option parser· SOP Module v4.7: preliminary support for remote modes(fully working for remote bans), small internal improvements including some speed enhancement · Updated & fixed help(.prot bitchub->bh), etc.· fixed switch in 'clone' module · Removed k:lines management: unuseful and unstable · Anti Spam Module v2.1: ported to new interfaces with many improvements, fixes and performance enhancements, including external text-files loading for part messages and spam keywords, new tuning options and partial use for remote modes (work in progress): see '.spam -v' · Help System: improved / updated · Tons of minor bugfixes and minor ehnancements

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  • Chirpy!

    Chirpy! is an Open Source online quote management system. Chirpy! is an Open Source online quote management system. Chirpy! allows you to keep a database of quotes by friends and foes. It is most useful for quotes collected on IRC channels.The Chirpy! project originated mainly out of frustration caused by the Rash Quote Management System, due to its numerous bugs and its lack of efficiency and extensibility. While its developers openly admit that it was a quick job, eventually, this became unacceptable.Chirpy! is written in OO Perl, allowing for extensibility and even instant portability to non-Web platforms, uses a pluggable backend (the default being MySQL) and outputs valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS level 2.What's New in This Release:· This version features statistics, · microsummary support, · new CAPTCHA capabilities, · many other improvements and fixes.

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  • the Better Eggdrop Management Suite
    the Better Eggdrop Management Suite

    the Better Eggdrop Management Suite allows easy installation, removal and configuration of eggdrop bots. the Better Eggdrop Management Suite , or tBEMS, is a collection of utilities to allow easy installation, removal and configuration of eggdrop bots, while saving space, energy, bandwidth and time.What's New in This Release:Eggdrop-base-install · Uses tar.bz2 and retrys once if download fails Eggdrop-install· · Fixed bug that didn't check right directory to see if eggdrop was installed already

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  • eXtended Account Management System
    eXtended Account Management System

    eXtended Account Management System is a PHP-based application suite for managing electronic mail accounts. eXtended Account Management System is a PHP-based application suite made for managing electronic mail accounts on multiple domains in a virtual hosting environment.The XAMS eMail management system primarily consists of a powerful administration panel for managing users, aliases, mailbox quotas, and other mail-related functions.XAMS manages these domains and user accounts in a database, entirely separate from your Unix system environment.XAMS ties together and integrates with these packages to provide a coherent virtual hosting solution for e-mail:- Exim, a flexible mail transfer agent (MTA) with an intuitive and flexible configuration system- The Courier IMAP/POP server for mailbox access- MySQL, a powerful, free database server, used for storing domain and account information.XAMS does not currently manage FTP or HTTP servers. The XAMS graphical user interface is written in PHP, runs on top of Apache, and produces XHTML 1.1 compliant pages. Here are some key features of "eXtended Account Management System": · Manage any number of domains, mailboxes and aliases · Multiple domains can be grouped as a "site". · If you have, for example, two domains domain1.tld and domain2.tld within site site1 · then mails to either of the two email addresses for user user (user@domain1.tld · or user@domain2.tld) will be delivered to one mailbox. · Autoreply (out of office) support · Mail accounts are independent from system accounts · Mailboxes can have quotas, which you can manage by reseller, site or user. · Four different user-levels: Administrators, Resellers, Customers and Users · - each user-level and each user can have individual restrictions · Easy to use, web based GUI (front end) · GUI based BIND (DNS server) configuration · Supports the Exim mail transfer agent · Supports the Courier-IMAP mailbox server, which provides POP and IMAP access · Supports the MailScanner virus scanner · Supports MailScanner and SpamAssassin · Supports any web-based mail user agent that uses POP or IMAP (Squirrelmail preferred) · Supports following SMTP-AUTH modes: PLAIN, LOGIN and CRAM-MD5 with or without TLS · Uses MySQL or PostgreSQL for account storage · Uses CDB for fast domain lookups in Exim · Source package includes PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) module and Squirrelmail plugins · Provides easy to use debian packages (.deb files) What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · fixed $myPREFS bug in startup.php · - display_errors only false when not in debug-mode

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  • MailManager

    MailManager helps teams deal with large volumes of email by allocating mail to the right person. MailManager helps teams deal with large volumes of email by allocating mail to the right person, providing tools to help answer it (prioritisation, reply templates, and a knowledge base), and allowing managers to set service levels for different types of mail and report on performance against service levels and volumes received.MailManager is based on Zope which is required to use it. MailManager is cross-platform, but most of the testing has been under Linux and Mac OS X.What's New in 2.0.10 Stable Release:· Added in fix for security issue · Postgres encoding security hole (#1494281) · The code in the 2.0.9 and previous releases may be vulnerable to this issue, depending on your postgres configuration. The exploit may allow an attacker to alter data in the SQL database and gain access to the web interface as an administrator. You are strongly advised to upgrade.

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  • pdb

    pbd is a simple database management system for PHP programs. pbd is a simple database management system for PHP programs.This DBMS can be used to create a Web site that dynamically stores data even if you can't afford a Web hosting service that offers MySQL.pdb is simple and easy to use.

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  • MetaBoss

    MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for the design, development, and management of enterprise software systems by modelin. MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for the design, development, and management of enterprise software systems through modelling.MetaBoss project utilises OMG's Model Driven Architecture concepts and is primarily oriented at enterprises using Java based tools and technologies.It encourages serious upfront analysis and design and aims to crystallise the value of it by automating a number of activities in the Software Development Life Cycle.

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  • Jude

    Jude is a RAD tool for data management applications. Jude is a rapid application development tool that permits to formalize a problem and then obtain a full featured and easy to use data management, workgroup application that can be further adapted implementing specific agents.Jude is based on a knowledge-base with an object-oriented structure on the server side and a compound-document, agent-based user interface on the client side.Relational database, Object-Oriented database, document-management systems, XML documents, compound-documents, declarative programming, agent-based systems and Java are well understood technologies but when you use them alone in order to build data-management applications you encounter many problems.For example relational databases management systems cannot support new data types and for some applications the allowed data are not sufficient. They lack support for long-transactions.The development of an application using object-oriented database management systems encourages procedural coding over declarative coding and this tends to produce code hard to maintain because there are many relationships between different parts of the program. Jude tries to join all benefits of these technologies in a coherent application framework.Jude permits developers to specify an abstract, simplified view of the world we wish to represent using an high-level, declarative, object-oriented language and then to obtain a full functional work-group application. Jude try to join in a simple but powerful way many powerful programming paradigms: object-oriented, declarative, agent-based and compound-document. Developers can extend application functionalities adding new agents to the system. Developers can reuse already specified knowledge-base clusters (there are already clusters related to physics, organization relationships, chemical). Developers can reuse already specified agents, in particular agents related to user interface.Jude permits users to manage (view, edit, retrieve) documents and structured informations using a coherent and simple to grasp environment based on Java and Swing library.

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