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  • SyncJEdit

    SyncJEdit is a new Java IDE and supports multiple JDKs. Its interfaces, behind features and tools are all in the best of user and programming consderations. The software is an easy-to-use program, once you install it, you know how to use it already. As a new generation of Java IDE, it brings you many new concepts, ideas and technologies. The IDE presents many new tools and features, they are either unique from other IDEs, or carefully designed on perfect level. If you want to use the IDE, you can move your projects from other IDEs to SyncJEdit in few seconds. If you are used to use other IDEs, SyncJEdit still gives you great helps. In all cases, keeping SyncJEdit in running is a better choice while you are programming. SyncJEdit keeps everything in reasonable and logical styles. When you sit down, you know how to use it already. The IDE can automatically generate source code for all listeners. The IDE can compile, execute and debug any Java samples in a few seconds, even they contain multiple applications and applets. Project relationship of the IDE can analyze relationship of all classes and interfaces of your program. The IDE can print all files as a whole (with cover, sorting files etc.). SyncJEdit can compile and execute current file, managed files or an entire project. SyncJEdit presents new concepts, such as project-relationship, same-package, dynamic-helps. One of new concepts named as Managed directory is very useful, please keep this in mind when use the IDE.

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  • PHP Development Environment
    PHP Development Environment

    The PHP Development Environment is a powerful and reliable piece of software designed to aid in the development of websites utilising PHP: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Amongst its features are instant access to online help from, a function lookup library and directory structure management. Included is a module called PHP Forms, allowing you to create forms in much the same way as in Microsoft .NET.

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  • Quadropolis

    With this plugin you are able to simulate a quadrophonic environment using simple headphones based on HRTF convolution. The Quadropolis Surround-Plugin is a VST effect Plugin dedicated to Quadraphonic Music. There was a lot of research on Quadraphonics back in the early 70s. This Plugin simulates an anechoic chamber with 4 loudspeakers in it (starting from 45° in 90° steps). Within the soundfield there is - of course - the listeners head, which is simulated with a 512 Tap HRTF-Convolver (FIR-Filter). This causes high CPU-Load (about 50% @2GHz, but improvements are on the way). The plugin gives you the ability to mix your quadraphonic music, without using 4 loudspeakers. Only Headphones are needed. Just put the plugin (with 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs) at the end of the mixing chain and enjoy panning the music around.

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  • Filter Farm
    Filter Farm

    Filter Farm is not an actual filter. Filter Farm is actually an environment where filters live their own life. The various filters can grow from genetic information. The created filters then exchange this information to guarantee diversity in future generations. Users can influence the filter's evolution process by giving his judgment to the result of each development before giving the signal for the next generation to emerge. This is an attempt to formalize certain aspects of the way I make my art. Since non-predictability is an essential element in my work, do not expect to be able to deterministically create a designated effect with this tool. Although you can influence the evolution of functionality by interactively setting the 'fitness' of individual filters, the results of these selections work on a higher-order probabilistic-structural level.

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  • CavePaint

    CavePaint is a simple 3D-Paint software especially designed for the capabilities of a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) using CAVELib. Instead of common 3D-Paint programs like 3dsmax or maya, CavePaint is designed for a voxel space.

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  • Nutty Worlds II
    Nutty Worlds II

    Nutty Worlds II uses the Nutty III based engine. It is a software utility that allows you to design 3D environments and test the latest features available from the Nutty engine.

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  • System Variables Display
    System Variables Display

    System Variables Display is an Eclipse plugin designed to allow you to add a view to both the Environment Variables and Java Properties list.

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  • PHP-Aquarium

    You are new to PHP? You want to test quickly the behaviour of certain PHP-functions? Or you want to write PHP-programs? You want to write HTML pages too? With PHP-Aquarium you get a browser-based solution that let you see the result of your first PHP program after just one click. What's new in this version: [ul][li]optimized code [/li][li]longer insertion phrase for HTML [/li][/ul]

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  • Lazarus

    Lazarus provides developers with a feature-rich development environment for Delphi, enabling them to create fully functional, cross-platform applications designed for both personal and commercial use. With a history of more than 15 years, the Lazarus project includes a comprehensive IDE for Free Pascal that comes with debugging and compiling capabilities, along with additional components, frameworks and packages required in the development process.An intuitive IDEThanks to the tab-based interface and the accessible toolbars, the IDE is very easy to work with. It comes with a detachable source code editor that allows syntax highlighting, line numbering, comment insertion, code completion and syntax checking, which are common features for any application of its kind. You can use it to manage your project, import Delphi code and files to Lazarus, manage project requirements or use the included collection of templates to help you get started. Integrated graphical form designerLazarus also comes with a graphical form designer, ready to assist developers in creating user interfaces with a more complex layout and multiple components. Its rich and diverse object library includes various components, such as drop-down lists, buttons, menus, text input fields, check boxes, shapes, scroll boxes, progress bars, navigation buttons, tool bars, tab-based menus, image lists, dialogs, data control tools, charts and the list does not end here. It can also integrate Pascal scripts, database management tools and specific LazControls. The 'Object Inspector' helps you configure the properties of each item, set the response to user actions, manage anchors and set restrictions for specific widget sets. The application also comes with an integrated debugger that can help you quickly identify errors within your code, as well as a compiler that enables you to easily deploy the project. An application suitable for any Delphi programmerLazarus is an open-source package that developers can use to build Delphi applications of all kinds. Thanks to the intuitive IDE and the wide range of components and functions, it can be considered a real asset to those who like working with Delphi. Reviewed by Mihaela Citea, last updated on October 15th, 2014

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    The name SAGE stands for Scalable Adaptive Graphical Environment. SAGE was designed to be a graphics streaming architecture for supporting high-resolution, scalable and collaborative scientific visualization environments. It is primarily designed to be run as a thin middleware on cluster driven tile-displays. It allows users to treat the high-resolution distributed displays as one contiguous desktop where users can move/resize application windows. SAGE is network centric and the applications running on these displays need not run locally. The applications can be run on remote machines or clusters and can stream their pixel framebuffers to SAGE enabled tile-displays.

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  • Environment Proxy
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  • Simulation Environment
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  • Virtual Environment
    Virtual Environment

    Enhances Windows' shell and desktop in three ways; First, it provides a flexible and easy-to-use virtual desktop with which you can manage a desktop even 64 times bigger than your screen. Second, with it you can assign your mouse's middle button to perform several actions, like doubleclicking, moving, resizing or scrolling Windows. Third, it offers a small and fast shell command line which you can use to start applications quickly. VEnv is very configurable and you can make it behave just the way you want.

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  • Environment Proxy
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  • support environment
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  • Environment monitor
    Environment monitor

    Environment monitor - monitoring sensors and sound level. Listing the available sensors on the device Measurement of sound intensity (dB scale, digital display and LEDs in different colors) Tags: android pomiar natężenia dźwięku download.

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    • Environment Quiz
      Environment Quiz

      Kids will learn more about topics such as the environment, recycling, animals, plants and some of the natural features that make Earth special. Find a range of interesting nature based questions and answers that feature fun facts and awesome trivia. FEATURES Multiple-choice questions Review your results Save your favourite questions See your learning history Send questions to your friends on Twitter and Facebook or via email to see how they compare. Access to over 1000 more quizzes through the app! No registration necessary Play offline WHAT WE DO SilverQuality's mission is to educate an ever-growing global community of learners. We provide thousands of fun and challenging mobile e-learning quizzes over an ever-expanding range of subjects, from trivia to languages to high school exams to professional qualifications. Our content comes from publishing houses, experts and quiz enthusiasts. Now everyone can experience learning at their fingertips! Keywords free, free game, free quiz, free trivia, environment, pollution, climate change, global warming, forestation, deforestation Tags: environment quiz free download, android test environment, environment quiz images, download free environment related quiz questions answers, quiz about e how to save environment.

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      • Wallpaper: Environment
        Wallpaper: Environment

        Wallpaper. Title: Environment. The human city at night does not yet sleep. Features: ? Original artwork, ? Free, ? Widescreen and standard 4:3 monitor versions, ? High resolution image, ? Cooler Than? a sunflower reflected in a pool.

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      • World Environment
        World Environment

        World Environment – a FREE magazine for those who take the environment seriously. We plan to bring you challenging, informative, well-researched and, at times, passionate, opinions and features about the issues that really matter. Conservation. Population. Culture. Politics. We live in momentous times. Decisions we make today will impact on the very survival of our species. How we deal with these challenges will effect the substance of our existence and that of our children. The relationships are complex, the answers elusive, but there is no escaping the fundamental importance of sustaining our planet or that we - right now - are putting that at risk. And to be part of the debate you need to be informed. World Environment is going to showcase some of the best writing and photography about environmental issues. Every quarter we will bring you hard-hitting reports, in depth articles and glorious photographs. There will be exclusive galleries, great videos and helpful graphics. Some of the articles will have appeared in print format in The Environment (the journal of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management), others in Geographical (the journal of the Royal Geographical Society) and others will have been commissioned for digital-only World Environment. Digital is the perfect medium for a magazine which takes the environment seriously. Digital delivery is fast, economic and very sustainable.

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        • Environment Editor
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