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Programmable Calculator

Programmable Calculator

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2015 latest Programmable Calculator Programmable Calculator is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help you with your math. Expression evaluation phoc can of course do the normal compute such as expression evaluation: (1+2)*8/6 sin(PI)*cos(PI/2) Define functions also, phoc can support user-defined function, such as: function add(x, y){ return x + y; } add(3, 5) or function sum(){ //code to calc sum } sum(1, 3, 34, 566, 57, 6, 7, 78, 787) Plot function and phoc can plot those functions too. such as: plot2d(sin, {start:-PI, step:0.1, stop:PI}) will draw the function sin in the range(-PI, PI), step is 0.1.

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